How Daniella Pierson turned Newsette into a 500,000-subscriber product

  • Daniella Pierson launched Newsette when she was a 19-year-old sophomore at Boston University, after realizing there was an unmet need for an aggregated culture newsletter for young professional women.
  • Now, Newsette has more than 500,000 subscribers and made $1.1 million in September through product placement with brands like Amazon and Michael Kors.
  • Pierson said she owes Newsette’s early growth to marketing strategies that are common now, like brand ambassadors and audience-borrowing, but which were less popular in the newsletter ecosystem.
  • Pierson has resisted the influence to expand Newsette beyond a newsletter, saying she “does not believe in the website model,” and credits that focus for Newsette’s success.
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In 2015, when Daniella Pierson first hit “send” on the inaugural issue of Newsette, her newsletter catering to young professional women, she had a total readership of 11. The writing was riddled with typos, according to

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