Stock picks to buy, 44 cheap companies poised to surge: Morgan Stanley

  • Taking newly-released economic data into consideration, a team of Morgan Stanley equity strategists reiterated their belief that a V-shaped economic recovery is underway.
  • They explained why Phase III vaccine data in November could be the catalyst for the recovery to gain further momentum and drive the reopening ahead. 
  • The team used quantitative screening and leveraged analyst research to identify 44 stocks across industries that are poised to surge as the economic rebound and reopening take off. 
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Seven months into the coronavirus pandemic, questions still remain around whether the economy is still headed for a V-shaped recovery.

Morgan Stanley’s equity strategy team think it’s a firm “yes.”

Newly released economic data including expanding global purchasing-manager indexes, rising retail sales in the US and Europe, increasing global trade volume, and decreasing inventory levels are all pointing to an ongoing economic rebound, Morgan Stanley said in

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Golf resurgence during COVID-19 poised to shatter records at city-owned courses

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COVID has caused some other forms of entertainment and recreation to become off-limits. Golf has marketed itself as having built-in social distancing – players can check-in remotely and walk straight to the first tee. There has also been good weather through the summer and fewer courses with the city of Dayton permanently closing two of its three golf complexes – Kittyhawk Golf Center and Madden Golf Course.

“Unfortunately, (COVID-19) has affected so many, many, many people in so many different ways. But our golf facilities have been able to provide that respite in the storm,” Jurick said.

“And because of that, they’re having – I wouldn’t say record rounds – I would say record rounds for the last 20 years,” he added.

“Busiest golf-wise in several years”

Courses like Beavercreek Golf Club, Heatherwoode Golf Club, Mound Golf Course, Pipestone Golf Club, The

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Mastercard Poised to Benefit From Shift to Digital Payments

The shift in payment space to e-commerce works in Mastercard Inc.’s MA favor because of its resilience and differentiated business model. This  includes a global payment network,  technologically advanced products and services, security and a strong brand name that is well-acknowledged by the consumers.

The COVID crisis accelerated the use of electronic modes of payment with greater adoption of digital and contactless solutions. Changing consumer trends include a preference for contactless remittances, rapid uptake of e-commerce and an increased aversion to cash, a merchant requirement to omni-channel acceptance and a need for automating B2B payments. Notably, each of these provides an opportunity for Mastercard to capitalize on.

Mastercard is pushing forward its click-to-pay service, which is a smarter and a secure way to make online payments. The company is differentiating its click-to-pay offering through an additional layer of security enabled by new data, AI and machine learning technology.


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