3 Strategies From a Multimillion-Dollar-Winning Poker Pro That Give You an Unfair Edge

What’s the most powerful game you can play that trains your brain to win at business?

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If you answered poker, you’re right.


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Applying poker strategies in your business can give you an unfair edge, record profits, and enable you to make difficult, high-stakes decisions in seconds with limited information.

Poker is easy to win but notoriously difficult to master. Warren Buffett once said, “If you’ve been playing poker for half an hour and you still don’t know who the patsy is… you’re the patsy.”

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According to Wayne Yap, one of the youngest multimillion-dollar-earning poker players and winner of the high roller event at the ACOP, in the world of professional poker, the most winning players use eight-core strategies to overcome their fear of loss, make multimillion-dollar decisions in 30 seconds or less, and outsmart world-class competition

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The new ThinkPad X13’s biggest draw is its AMD 4000 PRO processor

The new first-generation ThinkPad X13 looks a whole lot like the other ThinkPads, but it’s packing AMD Ryzen 4000 PRO processors for a big performance boost.

The Lenovo ThinkPad X lineup — not to be confused with the high-end ThinkPad X1 lineup that includes the X1 Carbon, X1 Extreme, and X1 Yoga — is meant to appeal to those who want a thin and light business laptop with extra security features and coveted ThinkPad durability. X-series laptops, which include standard and Yoga versions of the ThinkPad X390, ThinkPad X395, and ThinkPad X13 (which I’m reviewing here), are a lot closer to Lenovo’s T-series devices than the expensive X1 line. The X13 starts at an affordable price, it’s sized to travel, and it’s packing hardware cut out for productivity work. I’ve been using a ThinkPad X13 with AMD Ryzen 4000 PRO CPU for about a week to see what it’s all

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2020 CE Pro Masters Nominations Now Open

For every Alexander Graham Bell, there is a Thomas Watson. For every Steve Jobs, there is a Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. For every Neil Armstrong, there is a Buzz Aldrin. Those are the unsung heroes of history who are just as worthy of recognition as their more-famous brethren. 

For the eigth year, CE Pro is looking for career CE folks, pretty much right around 50-years-old or so, who quietly moved up the ladder of success over the past three or four decades, made an honest living and made it well.

We are not looking for people who already get more than their share of ink. Some of these people have intentionally stayed out of the spotlight while others have concentrated on their jobs rather than endless self-promotion. You know who we mean.

Remember we now consider posthumous nominations and now-retired people.

We are asking you to scour the landscape

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