Project Big Picture: Premier League owner claims only six clubs back proposals | Football News

A Premier League club owner has told Sky Sports News only six top-flight teams are in favour of Project Big Picture proposals, ahead of a shareholder meeting on Wednesday.

All 20 Premier League clubs will be involved in a virtual meeting to discuss the proposals at 11am.

“We are 100 per cent against the plans,” he said. “If there was a vote now I would be surprised if more than six supported it. I can guarantee you the majority of club owners are against it.

“Who knows, somebody might be able to come up with a compromise but there is no way we could support what’s on the table now.”

Rick Parry


Sky Sports News’ Rebecca Williams explains how Premier League and EFL clubs have reacted to the proposals within Project Big Picture

The proposals would give special status and preferred votes to the so-called big six clubs – Manchester United,

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Palmview unveils business development project

Retailers, restaurants and other businesses could find a home in Palmview as the city plans to launch a development project that would generate more revenue in the area.

Last week, the city unveiled its “Main Street” project that is meant to create space for businesses and retailers and will serve as the city’s downtown area.

City Manager Michael Leo said the Palmview Municipal Development District had been working on this project for about three years and it was spurred by a comprehensive demographics study and a retail leakage study that showed shoppers going to other areas to do their shopping.

“We’re basically sending sales tax dollars to other cities when there’s a demand for it here,” Leo said.


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Business case for controversial East Kilbride dualling project being reviewed say SLC

The business case for the dualling Stewartfield Way in East Kilbride is being “reviewed and updated” say South Lanarkshire Council.

We revealed in July that SLC had begun work on the business case for the controversial part-dualling of Stewartfield Way.

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Plans to dual the entire road were scrapped with the local authority doing a U-turn following a heated public consultation into the £62m City Deal proposals.

The preferred option following the consultation is only dualling the section between the James Hamilton Heritage Loch junction (at the eastern end of Stewartfield Crescent) eastwards to the Kingsgate/roundabout.

Proposals to introduce a new roundabout at the Playsport access and to

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Canadian basic income project takeaways, and lessons for leaders

  • For 12 months, a select group of homeless people in Canada received a total of $7,500 in cash payments, no strings attached.
  • The initiative was part of the New Leaf project, a joint study into the effects of giving people in poverty a “basic income” as a means of rehabilitation.
  • One researcher called the results of the study “beautifully surprising,” as participants could finally purchase higher-quality food and find stable housing. 
  • Leaders should take these findings seriously, and reflect on how they can better serve their employees’ needs through direct, humanistic action.
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Free money, it seems, pays off.

On October 7, researchers from the Foundations for Social Change, in Vancouver, and the University of British Columbia announced the findings of a 12-month experiment. The premise: give 50 people who had recently become homeless one-time cash payments in the amount of $7,500 — no

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Project management certification courses: Learn PMP, Six Sigma, Minitab skills

Become an in-demand project manager by learning valuable data analytics and leadership skills in these training courses.


Image: iStock/imtmphoto

More and more people are turning toward careers in project management thanks to the high pay, exciting work environments, and opportunities for advancement. But growing demand means that competition for the best positions at the best companies can be fierce, which is why you need to have the right skills and certifications on your resume if you want to get noticed by top recruiters.

The 12 courses in the Ultimate PMP, Six Sigma & Minitab Certification Bundle is your one-stop resource for learning how to become an in-demand project manager, and it’s available right now for over 95% off at just $49.99.

Led by the top-rated instructors at the Advanced Innovation Group Pro Excellence (AIGPE), this extensive training bundle will help you ace the exams for several renowned PMP, Six Sigma,

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Central Avenue businesses hang tight during pandemic as improvement project approaches

The Central Avenue business district in Jersey City has been a bustling place, with merchants encouraging foot traffic, staging art shows and car shows and other events.

Then came the pandemic, creating hardships for small businesses nationwide.

“Central Avenue businesses are surviving the best they can in the COVID-19 climate,” says Sanford Fishman, Central Avenue Special Improvement District president. “There are many seasoned veterans in our district that have been able to make due given the current circumstances. Many of our small family owned businesses have taken advantage of every government loan or grant made available.”

But, he said, it’s been a mixed bag. Central Avenue did, in fact, lose 16 businesses since the start of 2020 and the agency is anticipating several more before the year is up. At the same time, several new businesses have opened.

Some help is coming in the form of the Central Avenue Streetscape

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NMS Consulting Selected as Strategic Advisor to Cerebain Biotech Corp. for Acquisition Project

BEVERLY HILLS, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 6, 2020 / NMS Consulting, Inc. (“NMS”) is pleased to announce that it has been selected as strategic advisor by Cerebain Biotech Cop. (OTCPINK:CBBT) (“Cerebain”) for its planned acquisition of PKG, Inc. (“PKG”).

As part of the initial scope of services, NMS shall provide management consulting services related to the formal due diligence of the PKG operations and financials in addition to analysis related to revenue and cost synergies/savings, human capital and performance optimization, tax advisory, and mitigation strategy, risk management strategy, transaction and financing structuring to ensure optimal benefits to Cerebain and its shareholders. Additional services shall include post-merger integration, revenue growth strategies, market entry and expansion, digital transformation, cyber-security, and data privacy.

Trevor M. Saliba, Managing Partner and Global Head of Private Equity, M&A, and Strategy of NMS said, “We are very excited to continue working with Cerebain on

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