Incoming interim LMPD chief Yvette Gentry talks to The Courier Journal about taking over a department dealing with protests, criticism and a pandemic.

Louisville Courier Journal

Phelix Crittenden and volunteers with Blacks Organizing Strategic Success (BO$$), a local organization focused on empowering minorities with business resources, had no intention of marching. 

But as pepper balls cut through people scrambling for safety in a thick haze of tear gas, she realized there were no exceptions for anyone who was in the vicinity. Protester or not.  

In the final week of May, protesters had taken to the streets demanding justice for Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old ER technician who was shot and killed by police in her apartment in March. In support of those demonstrations, Crittenden and BO$$ volunteers spent the first few days delivering water and snacks to protesters in Jefferson Square Park.

Despite clashes between the police and protesters,  they