Unveiling a Croatian love story

Marita was a young nun on a Croatian island when she first met Fani, a fellow sister who would become her great love. 

“I simply followed my heart,” the 36-year-old says of their story — the subject of a new, bold documentary in the staunchly Catholic country, where LGBTQ rights are limited.

Titled “Nun of Your Business”, the film premiered at the ZagrebDox international documentary film festival over the weekend, scooping up an audience award. 

“It tells the story of an unexpected and unusual love, but my directorial focus was more on the issue of personal freedom,” Croatian director Ivana Marinic Kragic told AFP.

The two women “found strength to eventually fight for their love, which is not generally accepted in our society, and they made a U-turn in their lives,” she said.

With the help of actors to reconstruct some scenes, the documentary tracks the lives of the women

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Turning an Idea Into a Building > U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Headquarters > Story Article View

The US Army Corps Engineers (USACE) Far East District (FED) operates on the Korean peninsula, an area about the size of Indiana. With 339 current projects and project amounts totaling 6.9 billion dollars, the FED is the paramount engineering solution in South Korea for multiple stakeholders.

The Far East District’s team of multidisciplinary professionals have a synergistic workflow that empowers collaborative accountability from each of its divisions. Conversely, each division must rely on its respective branches to complete the individual tasks required to push a project from cradle to grave and deliver a quality product to customers and stakeholders.

The Business of the Program and Management Division

“We become advisors to our customers on what is in the realm of possibility and we take them through the steps to get to that building, parking lot, or final product.” says Richard Byrd, Deputy District Engineer and Chief of the Program and

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Unemployed in Tennessee: An IT business analyst shares her story

  • The Unemployed States of America takes readers deep inside the decimated American workforce.
  • Shauna Webb Scott is a 32-year-old IT business analyst based in Nashville, Tennessee. 
  • She was laid off on March 31, just three weeks after finding out she was pregnant. She also lost clients for her small business as a wedding planner as celebrations were canceled or postponed.
  • Scott says it’s been difficult trying to find a new position because many employers don’t want to hire someone who will need to take maternity leave in November.
  • This is her story, as told to Business Insider.

I found out I was pregnant three weeks prior to losing my position as an IT business analyst. It’s been stressful dealing with pregnancy and losing my sense of occupational purpose along the way. I also own a small business doing wedding coordination and planning, and lost most of my clients due to

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