What You Should Know Before Starting A Telehealth Business

Partner, Director of Strategy & Insights at RUNNER Agency

The calls began to trickle in around May this year. What started as a few leads here and there has grown into a steady stream of physicians and entrepreneurs looking to start telehealth businesses across many different specialties.

I began to notice some common themes around patient acquisition in these conversations. In many cases, there was a false expectation that the current groundswell of patient and industry enthusiasm was enough. What we could observe, as marketing experts, was increased competition, investment and exploration in a rapidly growing industry. Without an unlimited budget, the way to win in this climate is to market smarter.

So here are six key strategies I’d recommend for someone starting a new telehealth business.

1. Understand Your New Competition

Telehealth does level the playing field. If you’re a medical practice, you’re no longer competing against just

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Maryland Business Strategy Consulting Company Discuss Telehealth Software

(MENAFN – Market Press Release) Hartman Executive Advisors, a Maryland business strategy consulting company, have recently released a new educational resource that explains what the premier options for telehealth software currently are with telehealth consulting services. The article goes into detail on the different options available and which ones may be the best choice for any medical office. The online resource is guided by the expert consultants at Hartman who are familiar with the latest and greatest telehealth software and the strengths and weaknesses of each.
Hartman Executive Advisors offers some valuable information for medical offices that are looking for the perfect telehealth software that will help them create a more efficient workflow for their office. In the article, they start by explaining what telehealth is exactly while also going into detail regarding what the top software options are. They highlight some of the most popular options across the industry

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