Top Phishing And Security Threats Every Business Should Be Aware Of

Co-Founder and COO of 42Gears, a unified endpoint management vendor loved by customers worldwide.

The Twitter compromise that took place in July of this year might seem like it came out of nowhere, but this isn’t true. In fact, security threats are everywhere and target everyone.  

The media reports on high-profile exploits but less so on the thousands of daily scams and threats that average workers face monthly. The challenges that go unreported are arguably more important than newsworthy ones. After all, the victims of low-profile threats likely don’t have the resources necessary to recover from a compromise the way Bill Gates likely does. 

We all know about classic scams and their ludicrous demands, like paying back taxes via iTunes gift cards or wiring money to mysterious foreign dignitaries. But modern scams are much more clever, and even some of the savviest workers might fall for them. 


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