How does this title company help agents win more business?

As a relationship-driven business, it’s no surprise that top performing agents enjoy the deep trust of their clients. They earn it by delivering unparalleled service, by having a mastery of data, and by being actively responsive.

They carefully guide clients through the phases of listing a property or searching for homes. And they provide timely, informed advice on repairs, on structuring or responding to offers, and on thoughtful negotiations. It’s all about a creating good experience.

So why don’t agents do more to ensure that experience carries through the entire closing?

Real estate professionals are fluent in the vagaries of the closing process, but the average homeowner will only go through it once every seven to ten years. That means, after having a trusted advisor by their side at every moment, the title and closing process thrusts the consumer into an unfamiliar, unforeseen, and all-around unpleasant experience—all on their own.

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