Goodbye, G Suite. Hello, another Google plan for the workplace.

Google is renaming its bundle of productivity tools and adding more features, another effort to recruit corporate customers for the company’s cloud business.

The package of services that include Google’s email, documents and video chat are now called Google Workspace, the company announced Tuesday. It was known as G Suite, a name adopted in 2016.



Despite owning wildly popular free products, like Gmail, Google has frequently shifted the names and strategies for its productivity services, which compete with Microsoft Corp. and other enterprise software companies. Google’s latest effort is to merge its offerings more closely together. For instance, it recently integrated the video service, Meet, into Gmail. Now, Google is introducing a feature that lets people use Meet while collaborating on online documents.

“We have more opportunity to blend experiences,” Javier Soltero, the Google vice president leading the division, said on a call with reporters about the re-branding.

Google has

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Annabelle Southcoat, Government Scientist, On The Positive Power Of Champions In The Workplace

In honor of Mental Health Awareness week starting in the USA this weekend, I’d like to share with a story from another inspirational woman in my network. Annabelle Southcoat is a genuine polymath – someone whose intellectual curiosity and drive for humanity and social justice has led her down so many fruitful paths already. Her story is interesting because she so nearly wasn’t. Her story is relevant to business leaders because she demonstrates the value of authentic adjustments to our inclusion practice and how, with the right champion, we can change the course and direction of lives. Ms Southcoat is now a Psychologist at the UK Defence, Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) a drummer in a band, an innovative thinker and a pussy cat mother. She says,

”I’m also a dyslexic, gay, trans woman (though I tend to just say woman these days)

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