Five Characteristics Of A World-Class Product Development Team

Ryan Gray is co-founder and CEO of SGW Designworks, a full-service product development and engineering firm featured in The Lean Startup.

In the world of product development, the harsh reality is that there are winners, and there are losers. So what sets a world-class development team apart from a mediocre team? It isn’t the size of the company or its budget. Some large organizations may be prepared to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into the development of a product but are weak in areas that could make said product dead on arrival.

In my 12-plus years at the helm of a leading product development firm in the Northwest U.S., I’ve seen an array of challenges affect companies of all sizes. Enterprise-level organizations may have internal development teams but are often overloaded and need help staying on schedule. Startups often lack such a team entirely. And small or

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