The new Business Analysis BenchMark report

This year’s Business Analysis Benchmark report has been published, asurvey on the impact of  mature requirements management. I always findit a good read, and not just because I know the author. It really backsup what BAs everywhere are trying to tell their management:Requirements Matter.

Here are some bits that jumped out at me, statements that some may find surprising but are backed up by survey results:

“Requirements maturity may be more important than any other singlefactor in the determination of overall development effectiveness.”

“The notion that the business can produce requirements on its own inthe absence of mature requirements definition and management competencyis absurd; it is akin to a CFO attempting to prepare financial reportsin the absence of knowing Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.”

“Poor Requirements Definition and Management wastes 34% of the average organization’s IT Budget.”

“Agile, Waterfall, Iterative, Prototyping/Visualization haveimmaterial performance differences for any given level of requirementsdefinition and management maturity. … the overall level of requirementsmaturity has a MUCH greater effect on project outcome than thedevelopment method selected.”

Like I said: Requirements Matter. To get the report yourself, go here …

It also has an Executive Summary, just right for management reading.

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