This Conference With Your Favorite Influencers Can Actually Help You Grow Your Business

Last month, mega online retailer and lifestyle brand REVOLVE hosted the first-ever REVOLVE U (short for REVOLVE University). The virtual conference was a week-long affair with curated sessions on career, health, and wellness featuring a number of well-known influencers, entrepreneurs, change-makers, and all around bosses through keynotes and panels.

Viewers got the chance to learn from industry stars such as Miranda Kerr, Nicole Richie, Shay Mitchell, LaQuan Smith, and many more. The advice from these talks is invaluable and could be the key to finally growing that online business or perhaps just the reminder you need to take care of your mental health. REVOLVE U covered a wide range of topics and in case you were all booked up with Zoom meetings of your own, the panels are still available at your leisure online via REVOLVE’s YouTube and Instagram accounts. Oh, the beauty of technology.

“As a company that prides itself on its deep connection with our customer, we wanted to continue providing them with aspirational content while evolving their overall experience with us,” Michael Mente, REVOLVE Co-Founder & Co-CEO, said in a press release. “Although we would have loved to bring REVOLVE U to life with a huge in-person conference, we are excited to see the impact that it has virtually.”

However, it didn’t stop at just bringing the best of the best together. REVOLVE also donated $25,000 to Step Up, an organization supporting girls of color who live in undeserved communities by helping them develop the skills they need to graduate high school and become career-focused, college-bound women ready to join the next generation of female leaders. In addition, the brand announced the launch of the official REVOLVE Podcast hosted by REVOLVE’s Chief Brand Officer Raissa Gerona to engage customers in a new and elevated way with two episodes released per week. To let us in on how these projects came to be, Gerona chatted with Forbes in an interview below.

Isis Briones: When did the idea of REVOLVE U first come about? 

Raissa Gerona: “REVOLVE U has actually been two years in the making. Our mission when creating this initiative was really to show a different side of the brand while continuing to inspire our customers in new and innovative ways.

REVOLVE U is inspired by so many of the people in our network, from influencers to the brands we carry to people who work at REVOLVE who have incredible stories, experiences, and lessons learned in their own journeys.”

IB: What would you say is the best way to get your foot in the door when you don’t have any experience? 

RG: “Be open to starting at a lower level position (even interning) to learn. This will allow you to see if one, you even like the job or company and it’s something you want to do and secondly, if you do like the job or company, it’ll give you an opportunity to show how much you want to be there by working hard and learning from various people within.”

IB: When it comes to candidates, what are some must-have qualities that you look for?

RG: “Of course, being a hard worker is a must-have, but the most important trait for me is the openness to learn, grow, and receive feedback. I’ve seen interns and assistants at the company who are now directors and VPs and this is the quality they all possess. Being really committed to learning and growing is key.”

IB: Finally, we can’t wait for the launch of the podcast, what can listeners expect from it? 

RG: “We’re so excited to be launching a podcast, this is another thing that has been in the works for quite some time. You can expect some meaningful and in-depth discussions with the industries best including unfiltered stories of how they came up (and what went down), lessons learned, what they wish they knew along the way, and what’s really happening in their lives today. Our goal for the REVOLVE podcast is to continue to inspire our community and connect with our consumers, but this time show them a side of REVOLVE they’ve never heard before.”

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