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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Can the Cuyahoga County Board of Election offer absentee ballot dropoffs at six libraries?

logo, company name: This Week in the CLE is hosting daily podcasts to discuss the latest news in the coronavirus crisis in Ohio.

This Week in the CLE is hosting daily podcasts to discuss the latest news in the coronavirus crisis in Ohio.

A federal judge’s order allowing it is leaving us confused, on This Week in the CLE.

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Editor Chris Quinn hosts our daily half-hour coronavirus news podcast, with editors Jane Kahoun, Kris Wernowsky and me, answering all sorts of questions from the news.

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Here are the questions we’re answering today:

Why does a federal judge think that Ohio is allowing more than one drop box site per county for ballots in this year’s election? U.S. Judge Dan Polster wrote that LaRose has authorized county boards of election to “deploy its staff to receive ballots at sites other than the board office” and therefore, the county can receive ballots at six public libraries.

After nearly two years, did one of the chief targets of prosecutors in an investigation of Cuyahoga County government end up with probation and a few misdemeanors, despite being charged originally with a battery of felonies? Cuyahoga County’s former IT general counsel and assistant law director Emily McNeeley received a one-year probation sentence. She agreed to testify on behalf of the state in the trial of former jail director Ken Mills.

Why is the Ohio Business Roundtable trying to get major employers in Ohio to send a message to employees that their jobs could be at stake if they don’t vote for Republican Ohio Supreme Court nominees? The organization, which seeks to work with state government to make Ohio more business-friendly, suggested that CEOs send their employees a series of emails that “underscore the importance to your business and their job security of having a stable Supreme Court.”

How much in financial incentives is the city of Cleveland providing to set up a mortgage company near downtown? Nearly $2 million in incentives are the first part of a package to help Brecksville-based CrossCountry Mortgage build a new headquarters for more than 700 workers in a six-acre block between East 21st and East 22nd streets from Superior Avenue to Payne Avenue.

Why are transit activists trying to get funding for RTA’s police force reduced? Clevelanders for Public Transit and Black Spring CLE are demanding more federal aid for public transit, and less money for Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority police.

Why are yard signs celebrating all sorts of things multiplying like rabbits in Northeast Ohio? Because parties are canceled and drive-by parades are the trend.

What kind of coronavirus testing is Kent State University going to do to keep the virus at bay with the students there? Kent will ask 450 random students to be tested for coronavirus each week, and partner with CVS on free testing for symptomatic and asymptomatic students.

How did early voting go on day 1 Tuesday? It was busy! About 1,600 votes were cast in Cuyahoga County, and more than 1,300 votes were cast in Summit County, and at times, Cuyahoga’s line stretched down the block.

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